Hospital || Freddie + Olivia

Freddie: [Freddie watched Two-Bit walk out. Poppy and Tinsley were off doing something so it was just him and Olivia. Opening the door, he came in and slowly sat on her bed, his eyes not meeting hers.]

Olivia: Please don’t tell me you’re angry too. [She sighed exasperatedly, raising a hand to rub at her face in frustration.]

Freddie: I’m not angry..[He glanced at her. He wasn’t angry with her, he never could be. It was more of an internal battle.] Not with you.

Olivia: Don’t be angry at all. This isn’t anyone’s fault, Freddie. You have to know that.

Freddie: You don’t see it from my point of view.. [He turned to her, taking her hand.] You’re not going to and I don’t want you to. I’m just thankful that you’re ok..and safe.

Olivia: [She pulled her hand from his, placing both of her hands on her lap. She curled them into fists.] I don’t want anyone to be upset.

Freddie: I don’t want you to pop a stitch, so you need to calm down. [He snapped but regretted it as soon as it happened. Taking a breath he caught her eye.] People being upset about this is inevitable, Livs. It’s don’t get the severity of this or you expect us to just be ok with the fact that your safe but that’s not going to happen. We’re all…going to be wondering how we let this happen for so long.

Olivia: But I’m okay! [Liv felt like it was the millionth time she said those words that night.] Isn’t that the most important thing?

Freddie: It’s always the most important thing to me. [He sighed in defeat.] So I’m know about us going to see him.

Olivia: He told me everything. [Her eyes were trained at her lap.]

Freddie: [By ‘He’, Freddie figured she meant Evan. He wanted to tell her how he felt when Two-Bit delivered the news and the obscene things Evan said, but he didn’t. Instead, he moved closer to her and wrapping his arms around her. He needed her to know that he was here. And even though she might’ve gotten that, there was more to it. More than even he understood.]

Olivia: [Liv settled perfectly in his arms, her eyes still averted away from him. She didn’t know what looking at him would incite now - if she would finally break down and cry. She didn’t want that. Not in the least.]

Freddie: I love you. [He muttered into her hair, taking in all of her. He didn’t want to dwell on the fact that she could’ve been lost, he just wanted to keep her close and safe. He just wanted to love her.] And I am…so happy that you’re ok.

Olivia: [She nodded slowly, then uncurled her hands.] I probably look terrible right now. Talk about seeing me at my worst.

Freddie: You look beautiful to me. [He placed his lips on hers before his forehead touched hers and he looked down.] You look absolutely gorgeous and I’m lucky that you’re mine.

Olivia: You don’t have to lie. [Her hand reached for his.] I’ve had better days.

Freddie: Lying? [He laughed softly, intertwining their fingers.] I’m not, because you do look beautiful. I’m pretty sure I’ve fallen in love with you 13 times over the past 25 hours.

Olivia: The fact that you’ve ever questioned if you deserve me or not… [She glanced at their intertwined hands.] That should give you all your answers.

Freddie: What do you mean?

Olivia: You’ve seen me at my worst and you’ve never turned your back. That’s more than I can say for…anyone else.

Freddie: [He bit his lip and looked down, processing her words. Maybe he did deserve to be with her.] That’s what loving someone is. You don’t stop just because life happens. And I don’t want to stop loving you, Livs. So I won’t.

Olivia: [Liv pressed her lips to Freddie’s again, feeling every piece of the moment. Once she broke away, she spotted who she presumed was her doctor in her peripheral. After a few kind words and the calmest of smiles, he handed Liv a clipboard, which she examined for a moment before shaking her head profusely and handing it back to him. Her doctor, evidently understanding, promptly left the room. Liv turned her attention back to Freddie.]

Freddie: What was that? [He commented on the exchange.]

Olivia: Nothing. [She sighed.] The form was for if I needed a… [She ran a hand through her hair.] And I don’t, so.

Freddie: Needed a…? [He gestured for her to continue.]

Olivia: A rape kit. [She stared straight into his eyes.] I don’t.

Freddie: [He frowned and looked away.] Oh…

Olivia: I don’t. [She repeated those words.] Do you not believe me?

Freddie: I never said I didn’t believe you..[He turned back to her.] It just..reminded me of something.

Olivia: …What?

Freddie: Somethings that…Evan said. When we paid him a visit. [He told her truthfully.] It pissed Tinsley off enough to..want to stab him.

Olivia: What did he say?

Freddie: The usual asshole sex jabs, “I’ve gotten farther with her than you ever will.” But Two-Bit asked him if..he’d ever forced himself on you while you were unconscious. He said he hadn’t so there’s that.

Olivia: It never…felt like he did. It just didn’t seem like something he would do. He wanted all of me. All his anger was him not coming to terms with the fact that he couldn’t have that.

Freddie: I know..he said that, too. He was pretty fucked in the head. [He swallowed.] I ink I might of sympathized with him at one point.

Olivia: Sometimes I did too. [Her jaw contracted.] I saw glimpses of his old self. He didn’t have to end up that way. He was just…a product of his environment.

Freddie: [His lips met her cheek.] We don’t..we shouldn’t keep talking about him. it’s over now and you’re safe. Right here with me and I’m not going to let anyone hurt you..

Olivia: I know. [She smiled softly, looking down again.] You have school tomorrow. Are you sure you don’t want to head out?

Freddie: Olivia..when have I EVER cared about school? [He asked with a laugh but he eventually pulled her in for another kiss. ] I love you, Livs. And I probably won’t get any sleep without you there.

Olivia: But I care about school. [She grinned deviously.] And it looks like you’ve been here all day.

Freddie: Well when you get back to school, you can care for both of us. [ He smirked.] I would’ve been here longer, but you must’ve known that I was just waiting to see you smile again.

Olivia: And now you have. [Her grin remained.] I’ll be out in a few days, but I don’t want you to miss school on my account.

Freddie: Nope, I’m not leaving. [He crossed his arms dramatically.] My GPA is still completey perfect and my baby needs me…and I need to actually sleep.

Olivia: Rooney’s going to have your head if you miss most of this week. [She quirked an eyebrow.]

Freddie: You forget who I am? Rooney’s been trying to expel me since freshmen year. I’ve done worse than miss a couple of days of school.

Olivia: Freddie… [She sighed deeply. The boy was not going to see reason.]

Freddie: [He laughed getting up from the bed.] Ok, ok. I’m leaving. [He walked out of the room. Within seconds he was rushing back in and he swept her into his arms, capturing her lips.] One more for the road. Love you, baby.

Olivia: I love you too. [She smiled against his lips.] It’s going to be hard not having you next to me tonight.

Freddie: I’m trying to leave and you’re making this really, really hard. [He whined.] I think..we should work something out.

Olivia: What do you mean?

Freddie: Loved ones can totally stay the night and I’m sure that I count…or they wouldn’t have let me stay in here last night.

Olivia: Freddie. [She raised an eyebrow again.] If you stay here, there’s no way you’re going to school tomorrow. I know it.

Freddie: That was the point. [He spoke, his lips trailing from hers to her neck.] and how could I possibly sit in school when you’re in the hospital?

Olivia: By knowing that I’m just fine? [Her breath grew shaky as he pressed his lips to her neck.] Seriously?

Freddie: Mhmm [He smiled against her skin. He eventually pulled away.] What? If you want me to really go, you’re going to have to tell me to get out.

Olivia: You know I can’t do that… [She groaned.]

Freddie: Then don’t. [He muttered.] Let me hold you tonight.

Olivia: Just promise me you’ll go to school tomorrow…

Freddie: [He pouted before rolling his eyes playfully and nodding.] Fine, fine..I’ll be back on campus by fourth period.

Olivia: First period. [She narrowed her eyes.] I’m not kidding.

Freddie: Second period. [He challenged.] And..I’ll even sneak you none hospital food for dinner. Lunch too, if you’re good.

Olivia: First. [Her stare never faltered. She wasn’t losing this battle.] How kind of you. But just dinner, because I know you’ll take lunch as an excuse to skip out on the rest of the day.

Freddie: The second half of first. [He smirked, biting his lip.] I would never do such a thing. Actually..fifth period is my favorite. I love Japanese.

Olivia: And the first half. [She grew even more unamused.] Either way, I’m staying firm. Dinner only.

Freddie: [He finally sighed.] Ok, first period..the whole class. And only dinner. [He frowned.] It’s almost like we’re normal Americans and I have to make sure you’re home by 9.

Olivia: Almost. [She yawned.]

Freddie: [He stood up and faced the beds his arms crossed and his face contorted in contemplation.]

Olivia: What are you doing?

Freddie: Trying to figure out how we’re gonna make this work. God, what do they do if a fat person pays a visit?

Olivia: [Liv began to laugh, but immediately felt a rush of pain to her abdomen. The morphine was wearing off.]

Freddie: [Freddie noticed the look of pain on her face and walked to the door, opening it.] Can we get like..a lot of morphine and someone to rid this bed? [He asked the nurse at the desk, smiling.]

Freddie: *fix

Olivia: You didn’t have to do that… [She smiled softly.]

Freddie: Yeah I did. [He smirked, walking back to her.] You’re my baby and I take care of the things I love.

Olivia: Well, you probably should have done it earlier. [Her eyelids fluttered.] I think I’m finally giving up on staying awake…

Freddie: No, I want you to sleep. I just want to sleep, too..which is why I’m not leaving. [He spoke, as the doctor came and did what he asked. The doctor left them for the night and Freddie kicked off his shoes then pulled his sweatshirt over his head. Climbing into the bed with her, he moved them around until she was comfortable.]

Olivia: [She took comfort in his embrace, her eyes gradually closing as she relished their closeness.] Thank you for refusing to leave.

Freddie: [Thank you for not kicking me out. [He smiled down at her before kissing her forehead one last time.] And I love you.

Olivia: Love you too. [Liv finally let herself slip out of consciousness, thankful for so many things - more than she could ever verbalize.]